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3 Awesome VR Experiences From SXSW 2022

GOLIATH (Virtual Reality Interactive Story)
Tilda Swindon's voice may be heard in this 25-minute VR video as she tells the story of a young orphaned boy diagnosed with schizophrenia. As you watch things unfold, powerless to intervene, you witness the tale through the eyes of a child. You utilise your own voice to help bring concepts to life throughout the encounter. Goliath is a vibrant film with graphics that transport you to the heart of mental illness. Goliath is a great illustration of how virtual reality may be utilised to show various emotions or sensations. 

Gumball Dreams, the Ferryman Collective's latest live VR theatre event, was a smash at SXSW, just like their prior works. In Gumball Dreams, you are charged by an extraterrestrial creator named Onyx with journeying to a distant planet and assisting Onyx and others in transitioning from one reality to another. However, before you can do so, you must first estimate the weight of your own spirit. Gumball Dreams is an excellent illustration of how virtual reality may be utilised in conjunction with live storytelling.

The stories of strung-out individuals poised to meet their end were seamlessly integrated in this three-part VR piece, a stylised documentary about the desperation Hawaii felt before a nuclear strike that never happened. This scary account of a false notification for the very real threat of nuclear war, brought to the virtual screen by Atlas V and Archer's Mark, made its point through interviews with individuals who were present and immersed me, as the spectator, in the mayhem of lives that almost perished.

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