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We provide instructions and how-to information for all Virtual Reality hires. If you're new to VR, we recommend the Meta Oculus Quest 2 as it's a standalone system that requires minimal setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Virtual Reality (VR) headset should I hire? If you are not sure, in most cases, it makes the most sense to start with the Oculus Quest 2. It's a standalone, all in one headset. It does not require a PC, includes sound and controllers and is ready to go when it arrives. Just connect to your WIFI. We also have loads of instructions to help you get going.

What are your charges for hiring Virtual Reality headsets? We have a minimum rental period of 3 days. Charges in our store are quoted for the 3 day minimum unless you change the rental period. Check pricing here

How long does it take for the delivery of the rental gear? If your order is before lunchtime, courier delivery is generally by the next day in the locations closest to us in the Waikato area. Allow for one to two working days for Auckland, Wellington or further from the central north island. Couriers generally don't operate on weekends. 

How much do you charge for courier delivery? We courier nationwide, with charges at $33.95 in most cases for the North Island - return freight included. We place a return ticket into the top cover of the VR headset case. We don't profit from freight. 

How do I return the VR gear? Package everything as when it arrived. Ensure VR headsets are turned off and attach the return courier ticket. Now, call Post Haste on the number provided in our instructions. You can also drop the VR case off at one of their locations, or click on the emailed link to order a home or business pickup. More detailed instructions are included with your hire.  

Can we play games against each other? If you hire more than one Meta Oculus Quest 2, you can play multiplayer games against each other. Some games are installed on all headsets, but most have different software. It's best to check with us if there are specific games you wish to play in multiplayer. 

Do I have to pay for transport time? No, you only pay once the agreed rental due date starts. So, if it turns up early, you get extra time.

What if the headset turns up late? We send everything early. Most people get the VR gear a day early, so this nearly never happens. But if it does, we will reimburse you or use the equipment for extra time. 

How do you prevent the spread of Covid 19? All equipment is thoroughly cleaned, sterilised, and held/stored, before each new rental.

When do I get my bond back? Once the rental equipment is returned and in good working order. It can take several days for the bond to be cleared by your bank. 

What if my equipment is damaged in transit? We package all equipment in waterproof cases, foam etc. At this stage, this hasn’t happened. But if it does, the person or company that has damaged the goods will be responsible, not you.

Excellent Condition Guarantee. Every device you rent with Virtual Reality Hire Ltd is either new, like new, cleaned, and always tested for technical perfection. Battery’s will be charged, backup batteries for controllers supplied, the latest OS installed and equipment is extremely well protected against damage.  

What if I want to extend the hire period? That’s no problem. Just email our team and check if the extension is possible.

Do you offer long term VR hire periods? Yes, we generally do with good discounts. Just email your enquiry through.

What age children are the VR headsets suitable for? Most VR headsets, including the Oculus Quest 2 are R13. Short term use, for younger children, seems to be ok based on information found from our research. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about young children using VR on an ongoing basis. We recommend that you do your own research in this field and always supervise younger children. 

Do you hire VR gear for businesses, residential, expos and educational clients? Yes, we hire VR gear for many different occasions. 

Can you customise VR experiences? We are pleased to offer comprehensive VR solutions, including both equipment rental and VR development services. Our team is capable of crafting a range of immersive experiences, tailored to suit expos, business events, and more. Solutions are mainly created and designed using Unity or Unreal engine. 

What programs, experiences and games are included with VR gear? This entirely depends on the type of equipment chosen. If there is anything you want in particular, just ask.

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