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By 2024, Meta plans to release four more virtual reality headsets.

Meta intends to deliver four more virtual reality headsets by 2024, in addition to its AR gadgets. According to several articles, the corporation expects to release four additional headsets by 2024.

The reports specify that they are "virtual reality headsets" (though this may easily encompass mixed reality headsets with passthrough AR) and that the four new devices are distinct from Meta's AR headsets.

Project Cambria, the first of Meta's four new headsets, is expected in September, with a substantially higher price point than the Quest 2 and an emphasis on the corporate sector. Also, a new version to Cambria is already in the works.

The other two headsets are next-generation versions of Meta's more affordable Quest 2 headset, codenamed Stinson and Cardiff, and slated to be released in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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