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Floor Height Fix for Microsoft Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality and VR Headsets sometimes have an issue relating the virtual floor height to actual floor height. While the outcome can be amusing, it can be dangerous to you and your equipment. Seeing the incorrect floor height in virtual reality makes you risk losing your balance or getting nauseated. 

This problem could appear when playing games downloaded from the Microsoft App Store as well as when using SteamVR. In either case, if you apply this solution from the beginning of your time with WMR, it should stick to whatever you decide to do in VR. 


How to fix floor height in Windows Mixed Reality  

Microsoft has provided a straightforward tool that allows you to raise or lower the virtual appearance since they are aware that having the right floor height in VR is important. Assuming you've previously plugged in your headset and completed the initial setup procedures, here's how it all works. 

  1. Open the Windows Mixed Reality Portal from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar. The headgear should detect movement and automatically open the Portal. 
  2. Hit the Windows key on either of your motion controllers and select All apps.  
  3. Choose Room Adjustment. To discover it, you might need to scroll through your apps. 
  4. In your Cliff House, place the Room Adjustment symbol somewhere. It will launch automatically after being placed. 
  5. Put a motion controller on the ground where you are standing. It will either appear to be floating if the height is wrong, or it will partially or entirely vanish if it is wrong. 
  6. Hit up or down on the other motion controller's touchpad. This will adjust the simulated floor to match your actual floor by raising or lowering it. 
  7. As soon as you are satisfied with the height of the virtual floor, select the glowing ball in front of you. 

After being brought back to the house, you are free to do as you like. Your controllers should now be flat on the virtual ground if you ever place them flat on the ground.