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How to avoid fogging up your Oculus Quest 2

There could be a fogging issue with the Oculus Quest 2. It's a common issue brought up in VR forums, and our staff has also experienced it while engaging in active games. Fortunately, there are some published remedies to the issue.  We're here to explain how to prevent it.

So, what causes VR headset lenses to fog up?

You know how on a cold morning the windscreen of your car gets fogged up? Your VR headset has the same problem. Your lenses are at room temperature, therefore condensation results from the contact with a forehead that is sweating and is just a few centimeters away. It's no surprise that your lens continues fogging up when you factor in sweat from workout applications, an excessively warm foam interface, and a tight seal around your nose that limits light and fresh air.  Here are some suggestions about how to resolve this problem.

Warm up the headset

The most popular fix for Quest 2 fogging is to pre-heat your headset before starting to play because the cause is a difference in temperature. Without actually playing anything, place your Quest at an angle on your forehead for 5–10 minutes. Your body heat will naturally warm the lenses without making you perspire nearly as much.You might even manually heat it with a heater or hairdryer if you're impatient. Just be careful not to turn it too hot or too near. Keep an eye on it closely because overheating will harm your headset.

Use a fan to cool off

It's inevitable that wearing a headset for an extended period of time will make you hot and uneasy until you've become used to VR (or developed your "VR legs"). To keep your body artificially cool is a natural remedy. Use a directional fan to blow air directly onto the exposed area of your face or set your air conditioning to a cold temperature. The bigger the fan, the better because most games need you to dance, move, and avoid obstacles all over the place.

Try lens inserts, if you wear glasses

Some glasses-wearing Quest 2 users claim that their own lenses, not the headset's, fog up. You might spend some money on prescription lens inserts. By doing this, you may play your favourite VR games without needing to force your glasses inside and see everything well.

Change your fit

It might sound simple, but you might just be squeezing the Quest 2 too hard to prevent light bleed. As a result, there will be more perspiration against the interface and less essential air flow. Give the headset some space between it and your nose. Yes, it will let some light in, but maybe it will also let in more cold air.

Try a microfiber cloth

Despite your best efforts, the lenses will occasionally become foggy. You should also keep a microfiber cloth nearby to clean it off. The lenses may or would be damaged by anything else, so you should only use microfiber specifically.

Fog-removal spray

Many businesses offer anti-fog sprays that will artificially clear lens fogging. As Oculus warns against spraying anything on the Quest 2 lenses for fear of harm, we stay away from these.