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How to cast the Meta Oculus Quest 2 to a TV or Projector

You may share your VR experience with an audience by learning how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to TV.

The Oculus Quest 2, our recommended hire option, also provides access to a large library of games and applications, including Beat Saber, Mini Put Golf, Space Pirate Trainer, Golf, Eleven table tennis (one of our favourites), and many more. But, if you ever throw a party or want to show off your skills, casting is the way to go.

How to cast the Meta Oculus Quest 2 to TV or Projector

Step 1: Turn on your Oculus and your television.

If you've connected a Chromecast device to your TV, check and make sure you've selected the correct input. In addition, the Chromecast and Oculus should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: To access the home menu, press the indented Oculus button on the right-hand controller.

Step 3: Navigate to and choose the Share option.
Hover over the pink button on the home menu, which has a white curving arrow going up and to the right.

Step 4: Click the Cast button in the upper left window.

Step 5: Select your Chromecast-enabled device in the “Cast From This Headset” popup.

Step 6: A confirmation message will pop up.

Look under available devices for your Chromecast or TV. Select it, then hit the Next button. The stream from your Oculus Quest 2 should now be shown on your TV. A pink/red dot should now appear on the screen of your Meta Quest 2. This indicates that you're now casting.

How to Stop Oculus Quest 2 From Being Cast on TV

Simply return to the Share menu and click the Cast button to stop casting. Confirm your decision to cease casting.