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How to enable hand tracking, and some of the best games to play

What is Oculus Quest Hand Tracking, and how does it work?

Hand tracking is a function that allows you to control the Meta Oculus Quest 2 with your hands rather than the touch controllers. Hand tracking allows you to interact with objects more intuitively using your fingers rather than a controller.

Hand tracking is a function that is normally only seen in more expensive and complex VR headsets. For casual VR players wishing to use sophisticated functions, its introduction in the Oculus Quest is a huge victory.

How Does it Work?

The cameras on the outside of the Oculus Quest are used to track the location of your fingers and hand in Oculus Quest hand tracking. It uses sophisticated internal software to track the movement of your hand in real time once it has been calibrated. You can see your hands, fingers and select and interact with the environment without any controllers.

How to Enable/Disable Hand Tracking in Oculus Quest

In the Quest settings, you can quickly turn on or off hand tracking:

  • Select Settings from the Oculus Quest home screen.
  • Select Devices.
  • Hands and controllers must be chosen.
  • You can turn on or off Oculus Quest Hand Tracking under the Hand Tracking area.

How to Enable/Disable Hand Tracking automatically

You can also turn auto switching on or off from this screen. The Oculus Quest will recognise and swap between hands and controllers if auto switching is enabled. If auto switching is off, you must use the button on your universal menu to manually enable and disable hand tracking. 

Some Games & Experiences That Use the Hand tracking feature

  •  Hand Physics Lab
  • Waltz of the Wizard
  • Vacation Simulator
  • Richie's Plank Experience
  • Elixir