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How to Setup the Pico 4 Headset

You don't need to connect the Pico 4 VR headset to your console or computer because it is standalone. Before using the headset, you do need to set it up. That's why we'll go over how to quickly and easily set up the Pico 4 headset in 4 steps on this page. 


Step 1: Set up a Pico account. 

To use the VR headset, you must have a Pico account. With the help of the Pico VR assistant app, you may quickly make one. On your phone, look for the Pico VR assistant app in the app store. After downloading it, launch the application and select "Menu.", tap "Log in" and then "Sign up" After entering the required information, look in your email for a verification code. Then, create a password. 


Step 2: Power up the Pico 4 and log into your account. 

Put the Pico 4 headset on then press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds. After a brief loading period, the screen will switch on and take you to the home screen. Select your language before connecting to your Wi-Fi network and signing in with your newly created Pico account. 


Step 3: Adjust the Pico 4's lenses. 

The Pico 4's lenses can be adjusted to your pupil distance. Make sure to adjust the lenses until the screen is as sharp ass possible for you. Motion sickness is less likely if you do this task as precisely as possible. By doing this, you can play for hours on end without getting dizzy. 


Step 4: Setup a playing area. 

To play VR securely, you need a space to do so. Choose from a pre-made circle or create your own playing area. Decide which choice best suits your circumstances, and make sure your playing space is free of obstructions. 

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