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How To Use The Oculus Quest 2 While Lying Down 

When you have enough of space to walk around and interact with your virtual surroundings, virtual reality often works best. However, there are times when all you want to do is unwind by lying down. 

We found that the Oculus Quest 2 performs ok while you're lying down. While comfortably reclined, you can use the Meta Oculus Quest 2 to browse the web or watch movies and videos. It's a little more difficult to play games because shifting the view upwards rarely works. 

Quest 2: How to Use It While Lying Down

Holding down the Oculus button on the right controller while turning on the headset and setting up a guardian will re-center your perspective to the ceiling. If you only want to browse the web or watch a few videos, this works without a hitch.

However, after some testing we've discovered that if you wish to utilise your Oculus Quest 2 headset while lying down, the following methods are the most effective. 

  • Turn the headset on. 
  • Make sure the floor level is equal to the floor; this is a crucial step. 
  • Define a room-scale perimeter around your space. 
  • Use the Oculus Button on the Right Controller to re-centre your perspective. 

By putting a blanket or cushion under your head, you might also try to lift your body and head somewhat. Compared to lying totally flat, this will substantially enhance the whole experience. The closer to a seated position you can achieve, the better. 

Playing games while laying down is challenging. Even with the workaround for in-VR height manipulation, most games are still challenging to play while lying down. There are two primary causes of that:

You are still below the ideal height for playing games, and the majority of them presume that you can move around.

What video games are most effective?

We played a couple games that were functional. Using this technique, Moss, The Wonderer, and I Expect You to Die 2 all appeared to be successful. It's important to note that they are neither shooters or arcade games with a lot of mobility or the ability to avoid gunfire, etc.