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It is now much easier to find free Meta Quest 2 games

A new SideQuest update makes it much easier to sideload third-party games onto your Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) headset. (Not recommended for people who aren't tech-savvy; try it at your own risk!)

SideQuest was already one of the most popular sideloading apps for Quest 2. It let users find and download games and experiences made by VR fans that they couldn't find in the official Quest store.

With the new update, it's just like using the regular Meta Quest store in VR to install these games. To get started, go to the official SideQuest download page and get the beta version of the new Easy PC installer . Google "sidequest download" and it shouldeb the first option. 

Once you've downloaded the new app, run it on your PC, and it will walk you through the setup process. You'll need to set up your Quest 2 in developer mode, and you can use any USB-C cable to connect your headset to your PC.

If you've never done it before, the process can take a while, but once it's done, you can go to the SideQuest store and install everything it has to offer while you're in VR. Some things on SideQuest cost money, but there is also a lot of popular content that is free.

If you don't like how your Meta Quest 2 runs, you can even change settings with SideQuest. Changing your Quest's settings could cause problems, though, so don't change anything you aren't sure about and keep track of the changes you make.

Changing settings like the framerate will also put more strain on your headset's battery, and turning off the proximity sensor could cause you to bump into things and hurt yourself. But if you want more control, the new Quest 2 installer from SideQuest can help.