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Pico 4 Games Available To Play

The Pico 4 virtual reality (VR) device has launched, introducing new competition in the standalone VR market. One of the key concerns for consumers is the availability of games on the device.  

Pico 3 Games Available to The Pico 4 

The Pico Neo Link 3, a previous version of the device, launched with a variety of standalone VR games available on the Pico Store. However, not all of these games are currently available on the Pico 4 store. Some titles, such as Demeo and Superhot VR are available to play and purchase on the Pico 4. However, many other titles are not currently available.  

Major Pico 4 Game Titles Available to Play 

In addition to titles from the Pico 3, the Pico 4 library also launches with new titles, mostly ports of existing games and apps from the Quest 2. Some of the major titles available at launch for Pico 4 include  

  • After the Fall 
  • Demeo 
  • Superhot VR 
  • Ragnarock 
  • Walkabout Mini Golf 
  • Cubism 
  • Space Pirate Trainer 
  • Arizona Sunshine 
  • Eleven Table Tennis

Among others, this list is not excessive, but it does cover some of the major games and apps available on Pico 4 at launch. More will be in development.