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Meta Quest 2 V43 Release

Meta accounts

In August Meta started implementing a new Meta account structure that provides users more freedom and control in VR. Your Meta VR devices no longer require you to sign in using a Facebook account.  

  • Your previous "Friends" will now be your "Followers," following Instagram's current business model.
  • Your Oculus profile is being upgraded to a new Meta Horizon profile that you can personalise as you see appropriate.
  • You'll get the ability to link your Meta account to your Facebook or Instagram account in the same Accounts Center, which will enable integrated VR experiences.
  • To make it easier for you to modify your privacy setting Meta are introducing additional controls.


Meta Quest Guide

The Meta Quest Guide is now being distributed.  

  • View the most recent release notes for our your Meta Quest software to see what's new.
  • Go through feature and device tutorials
  • Discover solutions to faqs and learn how to troubleshoot issues.


Please note that this will eventually be made available to all users and is rolling out now.