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Meta Quest Pro or Project Cambria

Below a few things we know so far about Meta Quest Pro or Project Cambria.

The Meta Quest Pro could be the upcoming VR device from Meta. It was rumoured to be launching in October this year, along with a rumoured Project Cambria, a mysterious high-end device. The Quest Pro and Project Cambria are most likely the same premium all-in-one VR headset.

What we do know is that Meta (previously Facebook) is also developing the Meta Quest 3, Pro or Cambria, a successor to the Oculus Quest 2, which will cost more or similar to some of the best VR headsets. In order to justify a premium price, the headgear will also support unique mixed-reality experiences. 

Project Cambria vs. Meta Quest Pro

During the Project Cambria teaser event, Mark Zuckerberg stated, "This isn't the next Quest." Cambria will be a brand-new, high-end product, yet it will be compatible with Quest. It turns out that's the Meta Quest Pro and Project Cambria have been identified as the same gadget in the most recent leaks. 

Release date for Meta Quest Pro

The release date of Meta's next VR headset is set for October revealed in a podcast with Joe Rogan. This coincides with Meta's annual connect conference, which is held in October each year, and we might witness the headset's introduction there.  

Features of Meta Quest Pro

There are claims of facial tracking sensors to record facial expression. For instance, your avatar will be able to replicate your real-time facial expressions and make eye contact with you naturally. In this manner, the individuals you are interacting with will truly understand how you are feeling. The sensors will apparently be able to accept a variety of skin tones and face traits like beards or glasses. The sensors might be utilised for body monitoring as well, which might reduce how frequently a user requires controllers. 

Price of Meta Quest Pro

Project Cambria will be a high-quality product and it'll be at the higher end of the price spectrum. The Quest Pro will reportedly come with a $1,500 bundle that includes the headset, controllers, charging pad, and wires, according to the most recent speculations. 

Augmented reality will be supported by the new headset. 

Imagine working on numerous screens at your virtual workplace while being able to pick up a pen and take notes without removing your headset. Cambria will also support high-resolution, coloured mixed reality passthrough. This might be used to extend a workstation with several virtual screens available in a location that might only support a single monitor. This could also  provide a fresh approach to mixed reality gaming.

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