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Meta Quest Super Resolution: Sharper Graphics for VR on the Meta Quest 2

Super Resolution has just been made available for the Quest platform, according to Meta. Developers will have the option of using the non-AI version, which will be available in v55, for sharper graphics.

MQSR, which stands for Meta Quest Super Resolution, is the end result of work with Qualcomm's graphics team. Quest headsets will use edge-aware scaling and sharpening to improve image quality by combining Snapdragon Game Super Resolution with Meta Quest-specific performance optimisations to keep frame rates high enough to avoid lag and offer a positive user experience. The majority of VR games render at a lower resolution than the display resolution. Typically, MQSR provides faster and better results than traditional bilinear scaling.

Since there are some tradeoffs, developers must enable this feature before it becomes operational. MQSR provides smoother edge reconstruction and reduces halo artefacts, but in highly detailed areas, it does tax the GPU performance. In the Oculus Debug Tool, you can enable MQSR for Quest Link by setting Link Sharpening to "Quality." This setting provides up to two times faster sharpening and better outcomes, depending on the rendered content.

The Quest Update v55 includes Meta Quest Super Resolution. Since late June, the update has been released, but it might not have reached every location yet.