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Meta Quest V41

Meta Quest V41 has four great new features that fans of the metaverse will love.
In the latest software update for the Meta Quest, a new way to hang out with friends in the metaverse that is very personal, deep integrations for Windows 11, and more options for parental controls are introduced.

Meta Horizon Home

With their Meta Quest avatars, users will be able to join each other's virtual homes through a new feature called Meta Horizon Home. Spatial audio is supported by the new system, which gives it a very immersive feel. Groups of friends can even start supported multiplayer app experiences together in real time without any extra setup. A first-party experience in the Horizon Venues app will make it easy for friends to go to virtual concerts or host movie nights in the Oculus TV app.

Colour Space Settings 

Clean up the interface and add apps. Upon installing version 41, many Meta Quest users could notice that the system as a whole, including the Oculus Home screen, 2D panel apps, and the System UI, has better colour accuracy. Users can also access a new menu called "Colour Space" from the Experimental Settings panel. This menu lets them change how colours look in a number of different menus. Soon, you'll also be able to change the order of apps in the App Library thanks to new filter settings that are coming to it.

Expanded parental controls

Version 41 adds a number of new tools for parents to keep an eye on their kids. One of these is the ability to stop kids from downloading certain apps and web browsers from the Meta Quest Store. Teenagers (aged 13 and up) will be able to request access to apps, which parents will be able to approve or deny from the Oculus mobile app.
Parents will also be able to see the full list of apps their child has bought, sign up to be notified when they buy new applications, and check headset screen time from their mobile phone. Parents will be able to see a list of their teen's Oculus friends so they can keep an eye on who they are meeting online.

Link/Air Windows 11 beta

Link/Air Link for Windows 11 beta Best of all, you no longer have to use the well-known active console window workaround to fix Link/Air Link systems.