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Parental controls have been improved with the most recent Meta Quest update V42.

Meta is adding new choices for social interactions to its recently released suite of parental supervision features on Meta Oculus Quest 2. Parents will be able to remotely enable or disable social elements in the Oculus mobile app while monitoring a teen account. This includes the ability to use Oculus Chat and Messenger, join parties, use Horizon Home, and go on social visits ... 

The Oculus Move fitness tracker now supports smartphones, and the built-in Quest tracker will get new accomplishments functionality in version 42. You can track milestones like the total number of calories burned with Move Achievements thanks to a special tab in your headset. There will also be additional short-term objectives, such as daily and weekly targets.

Additionally, there are new trends tab and figures to monitor near-term development. Monitor your daily caloric average, level of activity, etc.

In August, Quest 2 will stop requiring a Facebook account, and Meta will start introducing a new account structure with an optional Facebook connection. There will be a large number of new options and ways of operating your meta quest to come shortly.