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Quest 3: Meta confirms the new VR headset's battery life

The Quest 2's Snapdragon XR2's GPU performance is expected to more than double with the next-generation Snapdragon chip, which Qualcomm co-developed. It also comes with a new specialised cooling system. Consequently, despite the enhanced efficiency, the battery may require a little bit more capacity.

It was also confirmed about the future update support for Meta's high-end VR headset Quest Pro. Support would of course continue for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro and headsets will be improved over time. Support for the software should also be backwards compatible. Meaning the existing Meta library can be used with the newer headsets.

According to Bosworth, Meta is happy with the performance changes it released in June for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro and will keep working on software upgrades for its current VR headsets.

With Quest Update v55, Meta is also now releasing "Quest Super Resolution" for the system, giving developers options for crisper graphics. Since late June, the update has started releasing in waves, but it might not be available everywhere just yet.