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The Best VR Headset for PCs

High-Performance Headsets

Modern wireless headsets use precise technology and classy design to ensure a high level of comfort. That said, headsets tethered to PCs still hold an important place in the market. They often deliver faster performance, lower latency, and access to a wider range of high-quality applications. 

Even when you may not think about it, these advantages are more than just for customers. PC-tethered headsets allow business leaders and workers to access essential tools for product development, and innovative ideas as well as working together as a unit. We've put together a list of some of the best high-performance VR headsets you can connect to your PC

Understanding of Tethered Headsets

Today's VR headsets come in a variety of options, from VR/AR headsets to those with mixed reality features, haptic feedback controllers, and spatial computing systems.

However, most VR headsets on the market today are wireless (standalone) headsets or PC-tethered headsets. Right now, standalone wireless headsets are getting a lot of hype because of their flexibility—you don’t have to connect them to a computer.

Tethered PC headsets also have significant advantages. If you have a high-quality computer, you can get more detailed images and have smoother experiences as they use the power of your PC’s GPU to create these things than when you’re using standalone headsets.

When you select the best VR headset for your PC, you have the freedom to access various applications other than being tied down to a single supplier’s app store. This implies that you can work on CAD software to MS Teams Immersive Spaces with ease. Any app that requires tons of GPU processing power typically performs more optimally if used through a wired rather than a cordless headset.

These headsets also have a downside in that they require connection to a PC; any monetary implication includes the purchase of an expensive PC and a budget increase. However, any organisation interested in investing money into creating a virtual reality world must consider using them, as they will pay off in the long run.

What You Should Look for in the VR Headset for PC

Compatibility: Make sure your VR headset works with any extra accessories and the apps you want to use. Think about things like sensors and trackers, VR gloves, and VR steering wheels. 

Visual quality: VR headsets usually perform better with better specifications in terms of visual quality. A higher refresh rate, wider field of view, greater total resolution, and higher pixel density (PPI) all enhance the virtual experience significantly.

Computer Specs: If you are purchasing a VR headset that connects to a computer, make sure that your computer is up to the task. Most headset manufacturers provide a list of necessary specs on their websites. It would be wise to exceed these necessary specs whenever you can to ensure smooth performance.

Comfort: These PC VR headsets may be slightly lighter than other headsets, but they come with comfort challenges, such as connected wires. Make sure that your headset is comfortable to wear at an extended time.

Budget: If your PC VR headset has high specs, it could be expensive. When you compare vendors, consider how much you're willing to invest in your tech. Don't forget to budget for additional expenses like software costs.

7 Options for the Best PC VR Headset for 2024

Included below is a list of the best PC VR headsets which are available in the market. We chose these VR headsets based on reviews. With the market continuing to grow, staying updated on the latest emerging solutions is a good idea.

  1. Meta Quest 3: Top Headset For PC With Wireless Functionality

One great thing about the Meta Quest 3 is that it's wireless, but you can also connect it to a PC with a USB-C cable or via Wi-Fi using Airlink. The Meta Quest 3 builds on the success of the Quest 2 with some fantastic new features. It offers an impressive 2064×2208 resolution per eye with high-quality pancake lenses, a bunch of tracking cameras for precise spatial control, and excellent controllers.

It also has full-color mixed-reality passthrough capabilities. For any VR user, an excellent and reasonable option would be the Meta Quest 3 with its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor and immersive spatial sound while being relatively affordable. 


  • High-resolution visuals
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Improved ergonomic controllers
  • Powerful processor
  • Full-color passthrough for mixed reality


  • No eye-tracking technology
  • Short battery life

  1. Apple Vision Pro: Premier Spatial Computing Headset

For those who need a VR headset that works perfectly with PCs and supports mixed reality and spatial computing, Apple’s Vision Pro would be the perfect choice. This powerful headset is the result of years of Apple innovation and is packed with powerful and recent technologies.

The twin 4K Micro OLED displays deliver stunning visuals, and the new R1 chip enhances both display performance and sensor input. It’s one of the most user-friendly headsets out there with 6 microphones, 12 cameras, and 5 sensors for precise movement and voice tracking. However, it’s also one of the priciest.

Despite its high cost, the Apple Vision Pro is a great choice for business owners. It works wirelessly or can be connected to your PC (or Mac) and already supports apps like Zoom and Webex.


  • Exceptional spatial computing capabilities
  • Mixed reality features
  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Integration with various business applications
  • Outstanding visual quality with low latency


  • Very High cost
  • Slightly heavier design

  1. HP Reverb G2: Top affordable VR headset

Looking for the best VR headset for PC without breaking the bank? The HP Reverb G2 may be the ideal option for you. Its resolution is 2160×2160 per eye which significantly reduces the chances of experiencing the screen door effect. At the same time, aiming to appease consumers, the headset offers a high 90 Hz refresh rate and a wide 114-degree field of view.

The HP Reverb G2 is among the first Windows mixed reality headsets to feature four sensors. The sensors were meant to give a high degree of accuracy when tracking moves in motion, especially in fast-paced applications. Despite its size, it’s remarkably comfortable, thanks to the additional padding around its band and ocular device.

Motion controllers are awkwardly designed and can be bulky, but you can upgrade them to Valve’s finger-tracking controllers for a better experience. Priced around 1200 NZD, they are a great entry-level choice for businesses and gamers. 


  • User-friendly for newcomers
  • Strong tracking capabilities
  • Exceptional comfort with added cushioning
  • High-quality visuals and refresh rates
  • Expandable options


  • Bulky controllers included
  • Limited accessory choices
  • Not Wireless 

  1. HTC VIVE Pro 2: Optimal Refresh Rates

After the success of the original HTC VIVE Pro, HTC VIVE Pro 2 managed to merge performance with comfort at a favorable price. As one of the top VR headsets for PC users, it delivers sharp and immersive visuals with 2,448×2,448 pixels per eye and high-quality 3D spatial sound from built-in speakers.

The Pro 2 features precise motion tracking and a comfortable design for both consumers and business users. Moreover, its wide viewing angle is 120 degrees, and it has a 120 Hz refresh rate.

To fully enjoy the experience, be ready to spend some money on Vive Tracker, facial tracking tool and extra controllers. You can also go wireless with the VIVE Wireless PC adapter.


  • Precise motion tracking
  • High-quality spatial sound
  • Exceptional visual clarity
  • Fast refresh rates for minimal lag
  • Tailored solutions for business users


  • No passthrough capabilities
  • Additional cost for controllers and base stations

  1. HTC VIVE Focus 3: VR Headset for PC Business Professionals

HTC VIVE offers the commendable Focus 3 for individuals of commerce who seek the topmost VR headset for PC. This intuitive headset shares many features with the Pro 2: remarkable tracking ability, 2448×2448 resolution for each eye as well as field of view at 120 degrees maximum.

In addition to these core features, the Focus 3 offers some notable extras. For example, it includes active cooling to minimise overheating and discomfort. It also includes a swappable battery for extended use and ergonomic controllers designed for comfort and precision. The system supports PC rendering via VIVE Business Streaming, immersive spatial sound, and accurate hand gesture tracking.

As it aims at this business client base, the Focus 3 features a quick-release design for easy sharing among colleagues, with interchangeable faceplates and cushions. It’s also praised for its comfortable fit and balanced ergonomics, ensuring prolonged usability in professional settings.


  • Active cooling for greater comfort
  • VIVE Business streaming support
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Great visual quality
  • Accurate hand and finger tracking


  • Not suitable for consumers
  • Slightly expensive cost

  1. Valve Index VR Kit: A Beginner-Friendly VR Headset

Though not as recent as some other top computer-based VR headsets, the Valve Index VR kit is capable of providing very good quality images, comes with high resolutions of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye display panels with refresh rates of up to 120Hz, and has a large approximately 200-degree field of view, complemented by spatial audio capabilities.

If you are new to VR, a kit containing a headset, base stations, and controllers is what you need to hit the ground running. The controllers stand out for their precise finger-tracking capabilities. With 87 sensors on each controller, they allow them to track individual finger movements incredibly accurately. Furthermore, with Valve Index and its features, users have full access to any game they want in the Steam library of VR applications.

Even if it is a bit pricey, the Valve Index delivers a comfortable, durable, and high-performance VR experience making it an accessible choice for those who wish to try out PC VR headsets.


  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Impressive finger-tracking controllers
  • Access to a wide array of VR applications
  • Smooth refresh rate for smooth motion
  • Immersive spatial audio through integrated speakers


  • Slightly expensive cost
  • Slightly bulky design

  1. Pimax Crstal: VR Headset for PC Visuals

When it comes to breathtaking images, the “Crystal” headset is perhaps one of the best VR headsets for PC that the Pimax team has come up with lately. With 2880×2880 pixels per eye resolution with local dimming for vivid colours, a true-to-life colour is achieved. It also has an adjustable refresh rate up to 120Hz, and a wide Field Of View up to 140 degrees.

Powered by a Snapdragon XR2 processor and a customised PCVR engine, it excels across various applications. It features inside-out tracking, cameras for head and hand controller tracking, and eye tracking for enhanced spatial capabilities. Included is an excellent built-in headphone for clear communication.

Although the Pimax Crystal is somewhat heavier than some alternatives, it offers versatility as both a PC-connected headset and a standalone option, tailored to user preferences. It also comes with hot-swappable batteries for long-term use.


  • Comfortable and user-friendly controllers
  • Outstanding visual clarity and wide field of view
  • Flexibility to use with PC or untethered setups
  • Exceptional tracking capabilities
  • High-quality headphones for immersive audio


  • Higher cost
  • Slightly heavier compared to some alternatives