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The Meta Quest Has an Exciting New VR Accessory

The Meta Quest Has an Exciting New VR Accessory

Together with the Meta Quest 3, Logitech also brought forth its premier VR device which is a stylus for easy 3D sketching and painting. Quest 3 VR headgear functions better thanks to the MX Ink Stylus that looks familiar and is closely integrated with the Quest Controller.

The MX Ink Stylus can be used with Adobe’s Substance Modeler and Elucis by Realise Medical in the same way when connected to a VR-ready PC. Every painting or sculpturing applications available on any of these headsets include an integration that syncs well with MX Ink Stylus in Quest 2 and Quest pro for example ShapesXR, Gravity Sketch, GestureVR, and Engage XR.

Drawing, painting, and sculpting feel more natural when you use a stylus rather than a controller. Since Logitech is a company widely known for making computer peripherals, it already has the necessary technology and can pair Meta’s VR headsets with Bluetooth keyboards, trackpads, and mice, which moves the Quest 3 closer to being a laptop alternative.

The MX Ink Stylus from Logitech enables artists to draw detailed 2D patterns using a replaceable tip that can sense pressure and be customised for various pressure curves. Moreover, Logitech designed a high-quality MX Mat for painting. Haptic feedback enables the pen to simulate the sensation of sketching on varied surfaces.  

In contrast to conventional digital art styluses, the MX Ink allows you to flexibly spin, lift, and move this virtual pencil. It can even be used to quickly build virtual representations by tracing over real-world objects in mixed reality.

The double-tap timing and adjustable activation force are features of the MX Ink's buttons. Because the MX Ink doubles well as a charging base, the pen can always be charged and ready to go whenever inspiration strikes.

This appears to be a well-considered solution for the expanding community of artists and designers working in virtual reality. Later this year, though, we'll know more when we get a chance to test it out for ourselves.

Arriving at Meta Connect in September, with an estimate cost about 220NZD, the Logitech MX Ink Stylus might be displayed next to the new Quest 3s headset.