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Checklist For Returning The VR Rental Gear

Hi, below we have a checklist that may help you keep things organised, on time and simplify the process. We appreciate all your efforts. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via email, our website, or call 021343494 from Mon – Fri : 9am – 5pm.

Client Return Check List

  1. Set a reminder of the return date on your calendar or your phone.

  2. If you would like to extend the lease, contact us before the last day.

  3. On the due day, ensure everything is included and packed.

    • Headset (Turned off) + 2 x Controllers packed + USB charger + cables (5 items) + optional 2 x spare rechargeable batteries

    • Optional : Chromecast, USB charger + Cables (3 items)

    • Headset cover, microfibre cleaning cloth, manuals x 3 (5 items)

    • That’s a total of 12 or 15 items that should be in the case

    1. Have you already applied for the return courier ticket? If not, apply on the outside, over the top of the old one

    2. Close the case, make sure the clips are down securely and most importantly, use the cable tie to secure the case close

    3. Contact Post Haste local office, either via the link supplied with the emailed ticket or call the local office. On the map choose the nearest location to find the number. It’s important to organise the courier pickup the day before or very early in the morning. If you've chosen to drop off the gear, please deliver everything as early as possible to the drop off location on the due day before they close which is about 3 pm.

    4. Ensure Post Haste Scan the ticket on handover. 

    Image of everything that is included

    Thank you again for choosing us!

    We hope everything went well and you enjoyed the VR experience. 

    All the best, Nik – Virtual Reality Hire Ltd