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Thank You For Hiring From Us

The team at Virtual Reality Hire hope that you will have an awesome time with our VR rental equipment.

What's included? Did everything arrive?

Getting Started

Never Expose Lens To The Sun & Only Use Microfibre Cloth To Clean

To Turn On & Off, Press The Small Button On The Right Side For 2 Seconds

Adjust Straps For Your Head & Ensure Vision Is Clear

Adjust Eye Spacing To Suit The Width Of Your Eyes

Controllers & Most important buttons

Menu - Most Important Functions

Play The Two Safety & Educational Videos First

The Best Way To Learn About Virtual Reality And The Oculus Quest

First Steps - Highly Recommended First Experience

A nice introduction. Learn how to use the controllers, the buttons and more about VR.

Oculus First Contact

Another interactive experience where you get more familiar with a Virtual World.

Ok, Now You Should be Ready To Start Your VR Experience

The Oculus Quest is a standalone system. You do not need a PC or Facebook account. As you learned above, adjust the straps, eye spacing and turn on. Hold the button softly for about 2 seconds. Setup your guardian space, Once loaded, you will be in VR. Well done :-)

Now, when you're ready for your first program, point one of the controllers to the programs button far right on the menu (9 black dots) and try to find the recommended "First Steps" app. Tip use the little joystick on the controllers to scroll and click the front button (where your index finger should be) to select.

Remember to exit any program or experience you need to press the indented Oculus button on the right hand controller. Good luck and enjoy. :-)

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How to cast the Meta Oculus Quest 2 to a TV or Projector

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Games & Experiences To Try

VR Nature & Exploration

Nature Treks VR


Hand Physics Lab

Goliath (Psychedelic)

Sports & Active Games

Eleven - Table tennis

Walkabout Mini Golf

Thrill Of The Fight - Boxing

Bait - Fishing

Extreme & Heights

Richies Plank Experience

Epic Roller Coaster (Extreme)


Some Of Our Favourite Games

Vader Immortal 1,2,3 (Good Graphics)

Space Pirate Trainer (Arcade Style)

Pistol Whip

Robo Recall: Unplugged

Myst (Puzzle Game)

Multi & Co-Op Games On All Quest 2

Echo VR - Action,Social, Sports (Multi)

Eleven Table Tennis (2 - players)

Gorilla Tag (Multi / Co-op)

Gun Raiders (Multi / Co-op)

Rec Room (Multi / Co/op)

VZ Fit + FitXR (Sport, Multi)

Walkabout Mini Golf (Multi)

Try VR Headsets Before You Buy

Check list For Returning Our VR Rental Gear

For a detailed check list to help return your hire gear, please click here.

Important Points & Some Conditions Of Use

Please read the below to ensure you are familiar with some of the most important terms and tips for looking after our VR hire gear.

>>> The same information is included in the top cover of your rental gear & emails sent to you <<<

By hiring equipment from Virtual Reality Hire Ltd, you agree to our full terms and conditions found at

Please inspect all hire gear as soon as you receive it. Ensure you have received all goods, and they are in working order. Any damage or discrepancies need to be raised with us within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Headsets and rental gear are for indoor use only. Exposure to direct sunlight indoors/ outdoors or moisture/liquid will cause irreparable damage. Always use the supplied sunlight cover for headsets when not in use.

Do not damage,drop, scratch, throw, smoke, mistreat, alter or lose the hire equipment.

All damaged, lost or stolen goods, are the responsibility of the person/company ordered until returned to the courier company and scanned. All repairs, maintenance, time spent rectifying or ordering replacements stock may be charged. All damage must be reported within 24 hours.

You will not be charged for headsets that arrive earlier at your site than the requested date. Charges start from the agreed arrival/start hire date.

Cancellations are refunded if notification is prior to us sending your hire equipment.

All equipment needs to be returned to the Post Haste drop off point or booked on or before the due/return date, scanned, and packaged safely as received. 

Late returns may be charged at the daily rates until equipment is returned.

A Bond of $185 is returned, once all equipment is received in good working order. If equipment is not returned or is damaged, and the cost is more than the bond, an invoice for the remainder of replacement costs will be sent to the undersigned, payable within 7 days.Some equipment and games require a good internet connection and WIFI to work.When Hiring Oculus Quests, do not log on to Facebook with your account.This could render the equipment useless as it is often irreversible.

Inappropriate behaviour, bullying, abuse etc.. which cause the blocking of our Facebook account, will result in full replacement costs, as headsets and all games have to be repurchased.

Thanks again! Please get in touch if you have any questions.